Hoe herken je elkaar

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Sign one
A very deep strong recognition through photo, face, voice.
This type of recognition is like never felt before. It is literally a “soul soar”.
You feel the exstatic connection straight away via your soul.
This is such an indication of the Twinsoul.
There is no doubt whatsoever regarding the SOUL Coneection.
It also can be discribed as a powerful heart upliftment.

Sign two

An extremeley strong passionate bonding felt as sexual energy which, once again, is part of the soulenergy connection.
You become speechless at times because of the level of the matched soul frequency which is overwhelming through the Heart Centre.
Your Heart beat increases due to this vibrational aligment as well.

Sign three

After the first recognition and soul upliftment there seems to be a magnetic pull towards each other and the universe seems to orchetrate a slow of synchronistic shares that validate the connection as you feel closer and cloer through the haert centre.

Sign four

The devine orchestrates, once again through synchronicities, a soul merging energy ever before felt. You literally do meld together as one.
It makes no difference how far apart you are on the planet.
You feel each other and telepathise easily.

Through this soul merge there seems to be an activation. Then the true twin flame journey begins.
The journey of knowing the depth of the self.
The whole self.
There seems to be a series of situations that cause deep questioning after this activation. It is alle perfectly divinely orchestrated for you to know the whole of yourself beginning the journey into the christ conscuousness of balance within for the true twin flame reunion of the divine love heart vibration.


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